Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (2024)

10.10 p.m.

At 10.10 p.m. on Day 3, it’s all over here at the Wexford count centre for the 2024 local elections.

On the tenth and final count in the Rosslare LEA, Lisa McDonald (FF) 1,828 and Aoife Rose O’Brien (SF) 1,342 have been elected to the final two of the 34 seats on Wexford County Council. They took 164 and 97 of Jack Barden’s transfers respectively.

Eliminated on the final count was Joe Druhan who finished with 1,210 having picked up 287 transfers.

With all seats now filled, the make-up of Wexford County Council for the next five years will be Fianna Fáil (9), Fine Gael (8), Independent (6), Wexford Independent Alliance (5), Labour (2), Sinn Féin (3) and Aontú (1).

8.57 p.m.

Another count completed in the Rosslare LEA. Aoife Rose O’Brien (SF) predictably has taken the lion’s share of her party colleague Mick Roche’s transfers, while Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Jack Barden has been eliminated.

We now have three candidates vying for two seats. Lisa McDonald (FF) is on 1,664 after taking 53 transfers; Aoife Rose O’Brien (SF) on 1,245 after 424 transfers came here way and Joe Druhan (Wexford Independent Alliance) is on 923 having taken 30 transfers.

Jack Barden's votes will now be distributed and Joe Druhan will be hoping for a huge favour from his Alliance running mate.

We go to another count.

7.53 p.m.

The eighth count in Rosslare sees Mick Roche (SF) eliminated after Simon Boyse’s (FF) surplus was distributed among candidates. Roche departs the race in Rosslare having also lost out in the latter stages in the 2019 locals.

In terms of the two remaining seats, Lisa McDonald (FF) is now within touching distance of the finish line with 1611 votes (quota is 1713). Behind her the two WIA candidates Joe Druhan (821) and Jack Barden (816) are well placed, but Aoife Rose O’Brien (821) will be hopeful of transfers from Roche’s surplus of 680.

6.49 p.m.

Finally back in action in the Wexford Count Centre where Simon Boyse (FF), who requested the recount which began this morning, has been eliminated on the seventh count in the Rosslare District. His surplus of 648 votes will now be distributed among Jack Barden (WIA) who is on 669, Joe Druhan (WIA) 873, Lisa McDonald (FF) 1390, Aoife Rose O’Brien (SF) 776, and Mick Roche (SF) 650.

Those candidates will contest the last two seats in Co Wexford with expectations that the count will conclude this evening.

5.57 p.m.

Still no sign of a count from Rosslare. They’re set to resume on the seventh count with Frank Staples surplus of 70 but no movement yet. Earlier on, we were told that the count would be concluded by 6 p.m. but issues inputting the data electronically have held up the process.

2.30 p.m.

Count eight has seen a flurry of activity in the Enniscorthy LEA as all remaining 4 seats have now been filled. With the distribution of Cyril Wheelock’s surplus, John O’Rourke (IND), Barbara Anne Murphy (FF) and Jackser Owens (IND) surpassed the quota. As Sinn Féin's Colette Nolan couldn't make up the gap, Fine Gael's Pat Kehoe took the final seat.

They join Cathal Byrne (FG) and Aidan Browne (FF) who were elected yesterday on the very first count.

1.05 p.m.

There's been an elimination in the Enniscorthy LEA. Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Cyril Wheelock eliminated after count 7. His votes will now be distributed with Barbara Anne Murphy (FF), John O’Roure (IND) and Jackser Owens (IND) all hoping they will help them to reach the quota.

12 p.m.

Two of the three recounts called in Wexford last night have been withdrawn following discussions with the candidates. Cyril Wheelock (WIA) has withdrawn his request for a recount and a surplus of 9 votes from Aidan Browne (FF) will now be distributed.

In Gorey, Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Jimmy Fleming withdrew his request for a full recount, meaning that Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin (SF) and Anthony Donohoe (FG) have now been elected to the final seats there. It leaves a Gorey line-up of Donal Kenny (FF), Nicky Boland (WIA), Darragh McDonald (FG), Joe Sullivan (FF), Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin (SF) and Anthony Donohoe (FG).

The Rosslare recount continues.

10.50 a.m.

County Returning Officer Michael Drea has just announced that full recounts will commence in both the Gorey and Rosslare LEAs. However, following discussions with candidates, it has been agreed that the transfers of Colette Nolan (SF) will be examined to establish a pattern before a decision is taken on a recount in Enniscorthy. The reason for this is that, Cyril Wheelock (WIA) who called for the recount, is hoping that transfers from Nolan would put him back in contention for a seat if she was eliminated. Just 5 votes separate them. We wait to see if we’ll have three full recounts or two.

10.40 a.m.

It’s Day 3 here at the Wexford Count Centre and all of the counters have arrived to get started on an unprecedented three recounts which were called yesterday. In Enniscorthy, Wexford Independent Alliance (WIA) candidate Cyril Wheelock called for a full recount with he and Sinn Féin’s Colette Nolan looking to avoid the next elimination.

It was a similar situation in Gorey, where WIA candidate Jimmy Fleming called for the recount with himself and Fine Gael’s Anthony Donohoe locked in a battle to take the final seat there. Sinn Féin’s Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin is yet to be elected to seat five yet either, although he’ll be feeling most confident of the three ahead of the complete recount.

Finally, in Rosslare, Fianna Fáil’s Simon Boyse called for a recount with just a single vote separating him and Sinn Féin's Mick Roche after six counts. Just three of the five seats in Rosslare were filled at that stage.

We’re already a little behind schedule, as the recounts were due to commence at 10 a.m. However, a start looks imminent here at St Joseph's Community Centre.

12.35 a.m.

The last two seats in the Wexford Borough go to Raymond Shannon of the Independent Alliance (1180 votes) and Catherine Biddy Walsh of Labour with 1092 votes, Vicky Clancy misses out with 986 votes.

The seven seats in the Borough go to Cllr George Lawlor, Robbie Staples, Cllr Garry Laffan, Cllr Leonard Kelly, Cllr Tom Forde, Raymond Shannon, and Catherine Biddy Walsh.

11.40 p.m.

Dave Ryan of the Wexford Independent Alliance (WIA) has been eliminated on the tenth count in the Wexford Borough. This leaves three candidates vying for the last two seats, with Biddy Walsh of Labour on 1002 votes, Ray Shannon of the WIA on 897, and Vicky Barron (LAB) on 878.

Dave Ryan’s surplus of 845 will now be distributed between the three remaining candidates to decide who takes the last two seats in the Borough.

10.46 p.m.

One of the stalwarts of Wexford politics has bowed out of the council after 24 years. Davy Hynes of Sinn Féin has been eliminated in the Wexford Borough on the ninth count bringing an end to a long and distinguished career which saw him run as an independent, as a Labour candidate, and latterly with Sinn Féin.

The two last seats in the Borough are set to go down to the wire with two Labour candidates Vicky Clancy Barron (771) and Biddy Walsh (892) fighting it out with two WIA members, Dave Ryan (801) and Raymond Shannon (758).

10.43 p.m.

Even more recount drama in Wexford! A third of Wexford’s six LEAs is going to a recount tomorrow. With just 29 votes separating the next two lowest candidates in the Gorey LEA, Anthony Donohoe (FG) and Jimmy Fleming (Wexford Independent Alliance), a complete recount has been called after 10 counts. Jimmy Fleming was the candidate to make the call. Recount will commence at 10 a.m.

10.15 p.m.

More recount drama in Wexford as Simon Boyse (FF) has called for a full recount in the Rosslare LEA with only a single vote separating him and the next lowest candidate Mick Roche (SF). The recount will commence at 10 a.m. tomorrow (Monday) morning.

9.57 p.m.

New Ross is complete with Marty Murphy (WIA), Bridín Murphy (FG), John Fleming (FF), and John Dwyer (IND) joining Pat Barden (WIA) and Michael Sheehan (FF) in the six-seater. Incumbent Michael Whelan (FF) misses out.

The Co Wexford count is set to run into a third day with a full recount of Enniscorthy, two seats left to fill in Rosslare, and two in the Wexford Borough.

9.42 p.m.

After a long wait, Sinn Féin councillor Tom Forde has been elected as the fifth councillor in the Wexford Borough District on count 8 and their first in this election. Fianna Fáil candidate Emmet Moloney has also been eliminated on the same count, leaving five battling it out for the remaining two seats.

8.58 p.m.

It's the end of the road for FIFA referee and Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Michelle O’Neill as she is ruled out after the seventh count in the Wexford Borough District. Her votes will now be distributed with Tom Forde (SF) the closest to the 1,425 quota with 1,388.

8:53 p.m.

Another councillor elected in New Ross. Fianna Fáil’s Michael Sheehan makes it on count 7 to become the second past the post in a hotly contested district. He leaves John Dwyer (Ind) on 1,574 votes, John Fleming (FF) 1,629, Bridín Murphy (FG) 1,645, Marty Murphy (WIA) 1,712 and Michael Whelan (FF) 1,512 battling it out for four seats with the quota 1,753.

8.34 p.m.

Joe Sullivan of Fianna Fáil and Darragh McDonald of Fine Gael have been elected in Gorey on the ninth count. While Councillor Sullivan was an incumbent, Darragh is a first-time candidate and a gold medal paralympic swimmer having won the 400m freestyle for Ireland in 2012. Two seats left in Gorey with Fionntán Ó Suilleabhain (SF) nearest the threshold on 1594 votes ahead of Anthony Donohue (FG) on 1399.

8.10 p.m.

Frank Staples (FG) elected in Rosslare via Damien Corish’s (LAB) surplus. The sitting councillor exceeds the quota on count six and joins Cllrs Codd and Carthy in this tight five-seater. Lisa McDonald is likely to take the fourth seat later tonight with the last seat still being contested by Sinn Féin’s Aoife Rose O’Brien and the Wexford Independent Alliance’s Joe Druhan.

7.40 p.m.

With just five votes separating the bottom two in Enniscorthy – Colette Nolan (SF) and Cyril Wheelock (Wexford Independent Alliance) – a full recount has been called by Mr Wheelock. County Registrar Michael Drea has stated that there will be no further counting in the Enniscorthy LEA tonight and the recount will commence tomorrow (Monday) morning at 10 a.m.

7.39 p.m.

Another sitting councillor has lost their seat here at the Wexford count centre. In the New Ross LEA, Anthony Connick has been eliminated after count 6. That leaves six candidates vying for five seats with less than 250 votes separating them and Anthony Connick’s 1,039 votes to be distributed. The next count in New Ross will be very interesting.

7.30 p.m.

Big news for the Gorey LEA on count 8. The district has a second councillor with Wexford Independent Alliance councillor Nicky Boland surpassing the quota. Sitting Fianna Fáil councillor Andrew Bolger won't be making a return and he is eliminated on this count. His votes will now be distributed among the rest of the candidates.

In Rosslare, Labour candidate Damien Corish is eliminated after count 5 with Frank Staples (FG) now just 10 votes away from the quota.

6.47 p.m.

The good news doesn’t last long for Sinn Féin as Lorraine Smyth is eliminated on the fifth count in the Wexford Borough with 283 votes. Dave Ryan (WIA) is the biggest beneficiary of Stephen Power’s surplus, receiving 39 of the 150 votes on offer.

Meanwhile, in Rosslare, Willie Fitzharris of Fine Gael bows out on the fourth count following Jason Murphy’s (NP) transfers. Joe Druhan (833) remains ahead of Aoife Rose O’Brien (712) in the battle for the fifth seat. Frank Staples has edged ever closer to the quota of 1713 with his tally now totalling 1591.

6.35 p.m.

The seventh count in Gorey has seen Lorna Fizpatrick of Labour eliminated with 649 votes. The big winner in this count was Sinn Féin’s Fionntán Ó Suilleabháin who received 412 transfers from party colleague Kevin Molloy and now jumps ahead of Anthony Donohue (FG), Joe Sullivan (FF), Darragh McDonald (FG), and Jimmy Fleming (WIA). The other WIA candidate Nicky Boland is within touching distance of the quota, his tally of 1619 just 22 short of the 1641 required.

6.29 p.m.

Kayley Goodison of Sinn Féin has been eliminated from the New Ross race on the fifth count. She was the candidate with the least number of votes following the distribution of Harry Twomey’s votes and becomes the latest member of the beleaguered party to lose out.

6.05 p.m.

Count 4 has just come in for the Wexford Borough District. None of the remaining candidates have reached the quota, so Stephen Power (Irish People) is eliminated.

6 p.m.

Another elimination in Wexford, this time in Gorey. Kevin Molloy (SF) has been ruled out after count six and his votes will now be distributed. Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Nicky Boland draws ever closer to the 1,641 quota with 1,590.

Meanwhile, the Kilmuckridge LEA is completed. No challenge has emerged and the four councillors are Mary Farrell (IND), Pip Breen (FF), Oliver Walsh (FG) and Paddy Kavanagh (Wexford Independent Alliance)

5.40 p.m.

Another elimination. This time Jason Murphy (National Party) is ruled out after count three with 146 votes. These will now be distributed among the remaining candidates with Frank Staples (FG) closest to the 1,713 quota on 1,586.

5:37 p.m.

Drama in the Kilmuckridge District as the remaining two seats are filled after count four. Oliver Walsh (FG) takes the third seat of four with 1,547, while Paddy Kavanagh of the Independent Alliance has sensationally pipped sitting Fianna Fáil councillor Willie Kavanagh at the post to the final seat on a margin of 1,360 to 1,224. The Fianna Fáil team have 15 minutes to challenge.

5.19 p.m.

Lots of candidates being eliminated in Co Wexford but not so many being elected. The fifth count in Gorey, which saw Darren McGovern of Ireland First’s votes allocated to the remaining candidates has not resulted in anyone reaching the 1641 quota. Nicky Boland (WIA) is closest at 1475 but the next count will see the votes of the now eliminated Cillian Byrne (IND) 541 divided out.

A similar story in New Ross where Harry Twomey of Fine Gael has been eliminated on the fourth count. This count saw Bridín Lyng Moloney’s votes divided between the remaining candidates and although Michael Sheehan (1403) and Marty Murphy (1399) are edging towards the 1753 quota there has been no one elected in New Ross bar poll-topper Pat Barden.

4.55 p.m.

Another elimination at the Wexford count centre, this time in the Enniscorthy LEA. Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Majella Wall is ruled out after count five. Her votes will now be distributed among the remaining candidates.

4.38 pm.

Another candidate has been eliminated at the Wexford count centre. Darren McGovern (Ireland First) bows out after the fourth count in the Gorey LEA.

4.16 p.m.

Two more candidates have been eliminated in Co Wexford with Eamonn Doyle (IND) going in the fourth count in Enniscorthy and Bridín Lyng Moloney (Labour) being knocked out in the third count in New Ross.

The fourth count in Enniscorthy saw Brendan Cahill-Flynn’s (Green) 308 votes divided between the remaining candidates. It was Colette Nolan of Sinn Féin who received the most transfers (50), with Independent Jackser Owens (47), and Pat Kehoe of Fine Gael and Barbara Anne-Murphy of Fianna Fáil receiving 38.

No-one was elected in this count with Pat Kehoe, Councillors Barbara Anne-Murphy, Jackser Owens, and John O’Rourke, primed to take the last four seats.

In New Ross the third count saw the votes of independent candidates Anne Flynn, Raymond Forte, and James Furlong allocated to the remaining candidates. Independent candidate John Dwyer fared best with 64 transfers while John Fleming (FF) and Marty Murphy (WIA) both received 51.

No-one was elected in the third count in New Ross with Councillors Fleming, Michael Sheehan, Michael Whelan, and Bridin Murphy and John Dwyer and Marty Murphy (WIA) in the hunt to join poll-topper Pat Barden in this six-seater.

3.25 p.m.

Three more candidates have been eliminated following a third count here at St Joseph’s Community Centre. In Kilmuckridge, Declan Kenny (SF) was eliminated, followed by both Green Party candidates Anne Walsh in Gorey and Brendan Cahill Flynn in Enniscorthy.

3:05 p.m.

The second count in the New Ross District has seen three independent candidates eliminated. Following the distribution of Pat Barden’s (WIA) excess of 147, Anne Flynn, Raymond Forte, and James Furlong have all exited the race for election in this six-seat constituency.

Of Councillor Barden’s surplus, John Fleming (Fianna Fail) received 30 votes, Marty Murphy (WIA) received 23, Bridin Murphy (Fine Gael) received 20, and Anthony Connick (IND) 18. No candidates have been elected on the second count with John Fleming (1348) and Marty Murphy (1315) best placed to be next over the line.

2.56 p.m.

The second count in Rosslare has seen Councillor Jim Codd’s surplus of 742 allocated to the remaining candidates. Of that 742, the most transfers went to Jack Barden of the WIA (129) with Frank Staples of Fine Gael (118), Mick Roche of Sinn Féin and Lisa McDonald of Fianna Fáil (both 95) and Aoife Rose O’Brien of Sinn Fein (93) also faring well.

This leaves Cllr Staples (1526) likely to be elected on the next count, with Cllr McDonald (1201) still well-positioned, and Joe Druhan (751), Aoife Rose O’Brien (681), Mick Roche (578), Simon Boyse (570), and Jack Barden (569) vying for the last of the five seats.

2 p.m.

Two more councillors have been elected in the Wexford Borough District after George Lawlor’s (LAB) surplus has been distributed. Garry Laffan (FF) took 87 of Lawlor’s surplus to bring him to 1,499 and Leonard Kelly took 151 to reach 1,492. Both were deemed elected on count two meaning four of the seven Wexford Borough District seats are now filled.

1.50 p.m.

Second count in Gorey LEA sees little change with nobody else elected on the votes from Aisling Hudon’s elimination. Donal Kenny’s surplus of 61 will now be distributed.

In Enniscorthy, Sinn Féin’s Alfie Ó Súilleabháin has been eliminated and his 284 votes will now be distributed among the remaining candidates.

1.10 p.m.

The second count is in for the Kilmuckridge LEA. It saw Mary Farrell's surplus of 222 votes distributed among the rest of the candidates. Elected on count two was Pip Breen (FF) after taking 64 additional votes to hit 1,525 and surpass the quota.

With the distribution of the surplus, Oliver Walsh (FG) is now on 1,421, Willie Kavanagh (FF) is on 1,116; Paddy Kavanagh (Wexford Independent Alliance) is on 973 and Declan Kenny (SF) is on 955.

12.57 p.m.

Following the first count in the Gorey LEA, Donal Kenny of Fianna Fáil has been elected, topping the poll with 1,702 and surpassing the quota of 1,641.

We also have our first elimination. Aisling Hudson (PBP) has been ruled out after attracting just 133 votes.

Likely to follow Cllr Kenny in taking a seat are Independent Alliance candidate Nicky Boland with 1,341 votes, Joe Sullivan (FF) on 1,269 and Anthony Donohoe (FG) on 1,175.

The remaining two seats will be the subject of some fierce competition. Darragh McDonald (FG) has 1,065 votes; Jimmy Fleming (WIA) 977; Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin (SF) 854; Andrew Bolger (FF) 851; Kevin Molloy (SF) 521; Cillian Byrne (IND) 449; Lorna Fitzpatrick (LAB) 425; Darren McGovern (Ireland First) 389 and Ann Walsh (Greens) 330.

Speaking after topping the poll, Cllr Kenny said: “It’s nice to have topped the poll. We worked hard, we had a good campaign. A decent and clean campaign. I’m delighted.

“I think it was totally the work done over five years. I went in on a promise and I feel I delivered on my end. I worked hard and I feel I represented the people well.”

12:49 p.m.

Pat Barden of the Wexford Independent Alliance (WIA) has topped the poll in the New Ross District with 1900 first preference votes. He has exceeded the quota of 1753 and is therefore elected on the first count. This six-seater will now proceed to a second count with John Fleming (FF) 1318, Marty Murphy (WIA) 1292, Michael Sheehan (FF) 1291, Michael Whelan (FF) 1123, and Bridin Murphy (FG) 1017 well positioned for election.

Reacting to topping the poll in New Ross for the second successive election, Councillor Barden said, “I’m absolutely thrilled, humbled actually that people would put their faith in me, delighted, I just want to thank everybody associated with the campaign, in particular my brother Michael and his wife Kathleen, my immediate family of course and everybody in the district who supported me.”

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (1)

12:07 p.m.

As predicted, the first count from the Rosslare LEA has seen a massive performance from Aontú councillor Jim Codd who well surpassed the quota of 1,713, attracting 2,455 first preference votes.

Also elected on the first count was Independent Ger Carthy who attracted 1,949 votes.

Jim Codd’s surplus will now be distributed among the other candidates.

In terms of the rest of the field, Frank Staples (FG) pulled in a healthy 1,408 votes, while Lisa McDonald managed 1,106, making them both likely to join their fellow incumbents in taking a seat.

There will be a major scrap for the final seat in the Rosslare District. Joe Druhan of the Wexford Independent Alliance is leading that charge with 703. He’s followed by Aoife Rose O’Brien on 588; Simon Boyse (FF) on 489; Mick Roche (SF) on 483; Jack Barden (Wexford Independent Alliance) on 440; Damien Corish (LAB) on 335; Willie Fitzharris (FG) 195 and finally Jason Murphy (National Party) on 125.

“I’m honoured beyond belief,” Cllr Codd said of topping the poll. “I have worked very hard for the past 5 years. It’s a great honour and responsibility, one that I hope I’m worthy of and one that I hope I live up to.”

Having lost his father during the election campaign, it was an emotional day at the count centre for him.

“My father passed away lately and I feel I inherited my politics and beliefs from my late father and my mother. He would be very happy today,” he said.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (2)

12 p.m.

A predicted by yesterday's tallies, both Cathal Byrne (Fine Gael) received 2275 votes and Aidan Browne (Fianna Fáil) received 1617 votes - securing their seat on the council after surpassing their 1608 quota in the Enniscorthy first count.

Predicted to follow and join them in the next few counts are Barbara-Anne Murphy (FF) with 1340 votes, John O'Rourke (Ind) with 1162 votes, and Jackser Owens (Ind) with 1141 votes.

The final seat will be between Pat Kehoe (FG) 937, Colette Nolan (SF) 693, Cyril Wheelock (Ind) 660, Majella Wall (Ind) 597, Alfie Ó Súilleabháin (Ind) 276, Eamonn Doyle (Ind) 296, and Brendan Cahill-Flynn (Green) 259.

Speaking to Cathal Byrne, he said he is humbled by the large amount of support for his re-election, from his team, his supporters, and his family.

He also stressed the importance of getting younger people into politics, he said “ I am a big believer that there is a cynicism about politicians and about politics, and about elections, and if I can help, in a small way, to remind people about the importance of showing up and voting, I think that is a very good thing.”


Labour’s George Lawlor has topped the poll in the Wexford Borough District with 2361 first preferences. Also elected, is first-time candidate Robbie Staples (FG) who surpassed the quota with 1576 votes.

The popular Labour councillor, who has been elected to the council for the fifth consecutive term, said he will continue to work for the people who have continually put their faith in him over the past two decades.

"People talk about a four week campaign but for me this has been a 20 year campaign really,” he said. “It’s been about constant work, hard work with groups, residents’ associations, individuals, to deliver tangible projects that will benefit the community.”

There are still five seats up for grabs in Wexford, with Garry Laffan of Fianna Fáil (1412 first preferences) and independent councillor Leonard Kelly (1341) likely to get over the line next.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (3)


Wexford finally has an elected councillor. Mary Farrell (Independent) has taken the first seat in the Kilmuckridge LEA having taken 1,720 first preference votes. The quota was 1,498 and as nobody else met that number, Cllr Farrell’s surplus will now be distributed among the remaining candidates.

“I’m delighted and humbled by the support,” Cllr Farrell said. “I’m absolutely overwhelmed and grateful to the constituents of the Kilmuckridge LEA for the vote they gave me. I thank them all very much and look forward to working for them over the next five years."

Pip Breen (FF) drew the second highest vote from the Kilmuckridge LEA with 1,461, with Oliver Walsh (FG) on 1,371, Willie Kavanagh (FF) on 1,101; Declan Kenny (SF) on 921 and Paddy Kavanagh (Wexford Independent Alliance) on 914.

It looks likely that the four incumbent councillors will hang onto their seats, meaning no change in Kilmuckridge.


Day two is now officially under way at the Wexford local election count here at St Joseph’s Community Centre.

Following a long day yesterday, there were some frustrations evident on the floor of the count centre that it seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time to sort and organise ballot papers compared with other counties.

Returning Officer Michael Drea called a halt at around 10.30 p.m. on Saturday night before a single count had even been returned, although count staff continue to beaver away, organising ballot papers until midnight.

As candidates and their teams arrived bleary eyed this (Sunday) morning, hopes were high that things will move a lot quicker. Having said that, there were some credible fears that the count could run into Monday.

In terms of what we no so far, broadly speaking, tallies show that Wexford voters appear to be favouring incumbent candidates, however, there are a few notable exceptions. The talk of the count centre, however, is the difficulties Sinn Féin are facing around the county. They’ll face a scrap to avoid any losses, while Independents and the Wexford Independent Alliance make some gains.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (4)



No results will be announced in Wexford tonight. Staff will continue to sort the ballot papers until midnight but there will be no counts from the centre on day one. A long and frustrating day for candidates and staff with no one elected and a very real possibility of proceedings running into Monday.

5.38 p.m.

Still working their way through the European ballot papers in Wexford, no announcement on the locals expected until 8 pm at the earliest.

4.30 p.m.

The combined Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael tallies are showing that Labour's George Lawlor looks set to top the poll in the Wexford Borough District with 2,233.

He'll be followed by Robbie Staples (FG) on 1,518 and Garry Laffan (FF) 1,391 and Leonard Kelly (IND) 1,309.

Tom Forde may well be the only Sinn Féin candidate elected in the Wexford Borough District with tallies putting him at 1,075.

There's a notable drop to the rest of the field, with transfers likely to play a key part in deciding the final two seats. The tallies have Wexford Independent Alliance candidates Dave Ryan and Ray Shannon at 521 and 491 respectively.

Labour's Catherine Biddy Walsh is at 486 on the tallies with Davy Hynes (SF) in a spot of bother at 468.

Those in the business of predictions believe that Labour may retain their two seats in Wexford, with Vicky Clancy Barron on 448 and transfers likely to prove key.

Meanwhile, the tallies have Emmet Moloney (FF) on 447; Michelle O'Neill (WIA) on 400; Lorraine Smyth (SF) on 253 and Stephen Power (Irish People) on 139.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (5)

3.50 p.m.

Tallies from Wexford count centre have Pat Barden of the Wexford Independent Alliance (WIA) topping the poll in the New Ross district with 1920 first preferences. Fianna Fáil's John Fleming is next with 1341 followed by Marty Murphy of the WIA (1246) and Fianna Fáil's Michael Sheehan (1243).

In this six-seater, Michael Whelan, also Fianna Fáil, is next with 1147 votes with Bridin Murphy next on 1002. Independent candidate John Dwyer received 992 first preferences and sitting councillor Anthony Connick received 864 first preferences, with Harry Twomey (FG) on 862 and Sinn Féin's Kayleigh Goodison on 851.

Labour's Bridin Lyng Maloney received 435 according to the tallies with a trio of independent candidates Anne Flynn (148), Raymond Forte (146), and James Furlong (138) bringing up the rear.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (6)

3.30 p.m.

The early combined tallies from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael from the Rosslare LEA in Wexford shows that Aontú councillor Jim Codd looks likely to top the poll with 2,423 votes, followed by Ger Carthy (IND) on 1,892.

Also looking likely to retain their seats in the Rosslare LEA are Frank Staples (FG) with 1,346 and Lisa McDonald (FF) with 1,150.

If indications are correct, there'll be one hell of a battle on for the final available seat, with tallies showing Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Joe Druhan to be the best of the rest with 669, followed by Aoife Rose O'Brien (SF) on 648; Simon Boyse (FF) on 516; Jack Barden (WIA) on 471; Mick Roche (SF) on 437; Damien Corish (Labour) on 327; Willie Fitzharris (FG) on 194 and Jason Murphy (National Party) on 113.

1 p.m.

Combined Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael tallies have sitting Fine Gael councillor Cathal Byrne (FG) topping the poll in the Enniscorthy LEA with 2,284. The tallymen have Fianna Fáil incumbents Aidan Browne and Barbara Anne Murphy on 1,641 and 1,317 respectively.

The tallies are showing Independents John O'Rourke and Jackser Owens going well at 1,136 and 1,127 respectively.

Bringing up the rest of the field are Patrick Kehoe (FG) on 960, Colette Nolan (677), Wexford Independent Alliance candidates Cyril Wheelock (658) and Majella Wall (564), Alfie Ó Súilleabháin SF (285), Eamonn Doyle Ind (282), Brendan Cahill Flynn (261).

12 p.m.

Tallies for the smallest of the six Wexford LEAs sees the four incumbent councillors faring best for the four seats for now.

Mary Farrell (IND) looks set to top the poll with 1,679, while Pip Breen (FF) is at 1,433; Oliver Walsh (FG) is on 1,421 and Willie Kavanagh (FF) is on 1,107.

The two challengers Paddy Kavanagh of the Wexford Independent Alliance and Declan Kenny of Sinn Féin are on 905 and 854 respectively.

Kenny's transfers could play a big part and could potentially see Paddy Kavanagh catch Willie Kavanagh for the final Kilmuckridge seat.

11:30 a.m.

The first confirmed tallies, agreed by both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, make for good reading for sitting Fianna Fáil councillor in Gorey Donal Kenny, who looks set to top the poll in the Gorey LEA.

Those tallies have Kenny at 1,648 - surpassing the suggested quota of 1,642. It's likely that Wexford Independent Alliance candidate Nicky Boland will also take a seat with tallies suggesting 1,355, while according to the tallymen Joe Sullivan is at 1,256 and Anthony Donohoe on 1,209.

Darragh McDonald is coming in at 1,114 in the tallies, suggesting two seats for Fine Gael is possible.

FF/FG tallymen stating that "the Sinn Féin surge has failed to materialise in Gorey". Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin is likely to take a seat, but faces a scrap with tallies 905. Tallies are instead showing an "independent surge". FF/FG expect to see more independents fare well over the course of the day.

Another Independent Alliance candidate Jimmy Fleming is coming in at 927 on the early tallies, while sitting Fianna Fáil councillor Andrew Bolger is in a major scrap with 851.

There's a drop in the numbers to the remaining candidates with the tallies showing Kevin Molloy at 532, Lorna Fitzpatrick at 412, Darren McGovern at 372 and Aisling Hudson at 110.

The 72 candidates will battle it out for 34 seats on Wexford County Council. In terms of the six electoral areas, 14 candidates will contest 7 seats in the Wexford Borough District while there will be 12 for the 6 seats in Enniscorthy.

Both the Gorey and New Ross LEAs are crowded fields with 14 candidates vying for 6 seats, as is Rosslare with 12 seeking election to the 5 seats up for grabs. The opposite could be said of Kilmuckridge with just 6 candidates competing for 4 seats.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (7)

The real talking point in Co Wexford has been the emergence of a new political entity in the Wexford Independent Alliance (WIA), put together by Independent TD Verona Murphy.

A level of political ambiguity exists around the WIA. While it claims to be a collection of “strong like-minded independents”, the 12 candidates all run under the same branding and appear to have a formidable leader in Verona Murphy who has been out on the doorsteps with them in recent weeks.

Among the 12 candidates are a UEFA referee, an award-winning mental health advocate, a former Fine Gael Cathaoirleach of Wexford County Council, assorted business people and a candidate who has served as both a Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil councillor, as well as running as an Independent.

It’s noteworthy that of the seven sitting Independent councillors, only one has joined Deputy Murphy’s new project (New Ross poll-topper Pat Barden) which adds an unknown entity to the political landscape.

The trouble that Deputy Murphy’s former party Fine Gael are in nationally is reflected locally in Wexford. Four of their nine sitting councillors have opted to retire from local politics, setting in motion a major reshuffle and scramble for candidates.

In the Gorey LEA, FG have enlisted Paralympic gold medallist Darragh McDonald in a bid to hang onto the seat being vacated by Diarmuid Devereux.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (8)

Fianna Fáil will run 14 candidates in a bid to re-assert the dominance which saw them claim 12 of the 34 Wexford County Council seats last time out. The 12 sitting councillors are joined by a first-time candidate in Rosslare and a Wexford man who previously left the party for an unsuccessful independent run before re-joining ahead of this upcoming election.

This election should give a good indication of where Sinn Féin actually is. While in the last General Election, poll-topper Johnny Mythen broke long-standing records with his tally of votes, prior to that he lost his seat on Wexford County Council in the local elections, leaving Sinn Féin with just two councillors until veteran councillor Davy Hynes, an Independent former Labour Party councillor, opted to join bringing them to three.

Sinn Féin are running candidates in every district with a total of 11 names on the ballot paper.

Labour will run six candidates across the county, half of whom are running in the Wexford Borough District. The party will be pinning a lot on the performance of serial poll-topper and heir-apparent to Brendan Howlin’s seat in Dáil Éireann George Lawlor as he aims to pull two first-time candidates over the line with him.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (9)

The Green Party has never really had a foothold in Wexford and this is reflected in its two candidates running across the six LEAs.

People Before Profit have one candidate running in Gorey, while Aontú will be hoping to hang onto the seat won by Jim Codd in Rosslare who enjoys a reasonably high profile locally.

Taking the Wexford Independent Alliance candidates out of the equation, there are 12 Independent candidates seeking election.

Having topped the poll in Rosslare on the last occasion and in Wexford prior to the new district’s establishment, Ger Carthy will be expecting another strong performance, however, the independents are certainly facing another layer of uncertainty with the addition of the Independent Alliance.

With immigration being such a huge talking point nationally at the moment, Wexford is not immune. Ireland First, The National Party and The Irish People will all be represented on the ballot paper with one candidate each.

Local Elections 2024 Wexford: All seats on Wexford County Council now filled following marathon three-day count (2024)
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