Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (2024)


  • Fortnite's Creative mode offers a variety of tycoon games, including Banana Tycoon, Dragon Tycoon 2, and Luxury Island Tycoon.
  • Each tycoon game starts players off with limited resources and tasks them with earning money to unlock upgrades, such as objects, structures, and vehicles, to progress in their respective tycoon industries.
  • These tycoon games in Fortnite's Creative mode provide players with immersive gameplay experiences, allowing them to build and manage their own businesses, explore different worlds, complete quests, and interact with various in-game features and mechanics.

Fortnite has developed a grand community within its Creative mode section of the free-to-play game. Harboring a large number of creators and players, Creative mode can introduce various genres of maps for all types of gamers. Tycoon maps, some of the most popular types of Creative games, take up a large part of the Creative Directory.


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There are many exceptional tycoon-esque maps that players can find in Fortnite. These maps start their players off at the beginning of a 'career' with no money or assets. Eventually, after garnering more and more gold over time, players can purchase more objects, exploits, structures, and more to increase their tycoon level.

Updated on May 21, 2024, by Ashely Claudino: Hundreds of fun Fortnite Creative islands are uploaded every day, so it's worth checking out the Discovery tab from time to time and seeing what's new. Since this list was published, several islands have been introduced to the game or updated with more content, which is why they're definitely worth checking out; this article has been updated as well and now contains more entries on exciting islands that are worth gamers' time.

12 Banana Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (2)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: bojock

Banana Tycoon isn't just one of the most popular tycoon games in Fortnite's Creative Directory, but also one of the most well-made tycoons ever. Banana Tycoon allows players to start from the bottom of the barrel with no money at all, but some bananas to help start them out.

While producing more and more bananas, players can eventually unlock money generators to help speed up the process. Over time, fans will have a large banana factory and resort. Playing Banana Tycoon also unveils tons of AFK XP, as well as XP earned from performing specific actions.

11 Skybox Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (3)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: grafiese

Skybox Tycoon takes clear inspiration from one very popular title: Minecraft. In Skybox Tycoon, players will craft their way through a cubed world while earning money and investing in various resources that they can sell off.

Throughout this Minecraft-like world, players can wander around and complete quests, as well as find pets to adopt along the journey. Skybox Tycoon lets players build various workstations to utilize in their world, which can boost the amount of currency earned over time.

10 Cars Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (4)
  • Players: 6
  • Creator: brawlstudio

Car fanatics will certainly get a kick out of this Creative map, as players can access many different cars while creating their dream mansion. Cars Tycoon starts players off with the weakest car(s), but once they have invested in their mansion and tycoon, they will be able to purchase better cars to drive around with, as well as simply have them on display.

There are also many pets that players can collect throughout Cars Tycoon, all of which follow them around the map. The models (and map entirely) all look incredible, using Unreal Engine 5 to make the game all the better.

9 Rocket Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (5)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: thegirlsstudio

This Creative Map allows fans of space exploration to let their imagination run free, as they will be able to travel between planets and fight against aliens. In Rocket Tycoon, players will start work on rockets. Each upgrade on their rocket will let them travel further and access more and more unique features.

Building up their base also lets players create portals, alien pets, and weaponry to fight against the various aliens. While one of the largest tycoons in terms of overall size, Rocket Tycoon is by far one of the most imaginative and best-looking maps.

8 Robot Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (6)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: s-k-a-v-i

Robot Tycoon lets fans do exactly what they'd expect to do from the title: Build robots. In Robot Tycoon, fans will start with the smallest of robots and start farming money to unlock better parts, generators, and larger robots.


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There are four different robots that players can build: Optimus Prime, Iron Man, Bumblebee, and Bender. After choosing a robot, players can grow their robot in hopes that it becomes larger than other players' robots.

7 Mafia Tycoon


  • Players: 4
  • Creator: smippyvlad

Although it is based on an odd concept, Mafia Tycoon is a very interesting tycoon game in Fortnite. It allows players to create their own underground mafia base and turn it into the best crime- and money-generating factory.

Players have to participate in heists, print money, get workers for their team in order to increase their money and crime income. As the numbers get higher and higher, they'll get access to better heist locations, allowing them to go on more dangerous missions like robbing a bank.

6 Pizza Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (8)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: zigazagzong

Building a base in Pizza Tycoon is the first goal of beginners in the Creative game, but eventually being able to produce more pizzas becomes the main goal. Once given a base to fix up, players will purchase pizza ovens to grant them more sales and currency over time.

Players can then upgrade their pizza ovens to produce more pizza, resulting in faster sales to grant them more money. Throughout the game, players will eventually have a large pizza factory, thousands of dollars, and enough weaponry to take out all the zombies across the map.

5 Superhero Tycoon 4


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (9)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: van

Like the past three Superhero-esque maps, Superhero Tycoon 4 lets players start a farm in which they create gadgets, gain powers, and earn enough money to create the largest tycoons. After escaping various zombie-like villains and starting their factory, players can unlock new weapons to fend off the zombies and opponents.


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Superhero Tycoon 4 also has a neat tutorial for beginners, which helps a lot at the beginning of the Creative Map. Random supply crates can fall from the sky, which grants players ammo and boosts them into the sky to escape from threats.

4 Pro Farmer Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (11)
  • Players: 4
  • Creator: sloth_games

Like many farming games out there, Pro Farmer Tycoon gives gamers their own farm to take care of and build from the ground up. Starting with the lowest of crops, players will have to collect money to upgrade their farm.

This also means buying new crops, of which there are twelve, purchasing new animals, and accessing other features, such as controlling the town market. Unlike some other tycoon maps, Pro Farmer Tycoon lets players steal from one another by obtaining their money from generators.

3 Dragon Tycoon 2


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (12)
  • Players: 2
  • Creator: nexxtcreative

Dragon Tycoon 2 expands on what was offered through the first map, giving players new and improved dragons, islands, and quests to take on. Starting with their island, players will have to help raise a dragon and earn money to upgrade their island.

This is done by investing in 'droppers' which earn more and more money with each upgrade. There are two different islands and dragons that players can work with Ice or fire. The dragons themselves will follow players around, using neat features with Unreal Engine 5.

2 Lumberjack Heroes


  • Players: 8
  • Creator: itsjacky

While chopping down hundreds and hundreds of trees might not sound appealing at first, Lumberjack Heroes is a surprisingly fun Fortnite Creative game. It can be quite hard to put it down once you get the hang out of it. Lumberjack Heroes has a vast selection of NPCs, skills to upgrade, and even pets to hatch. As gamers get further into it, they'll gain access to more areas of the map, cooler skills, and cuter pets.

This Fortnite island is definitely worth trying out, especially for gamers who would rather have a more relaxing time hitting trees over and over again rather than fighting husks and micromanaging machines.

1 Luxury Island Tycoon


Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (13)
  • Players: 1
  • Creator: digitag

Luxury Island Tycoon is what many players look for in a tycoon-like map, as it allows them to go from rags to riches. The main goal in this Luxury Island map is to earn as much money as possible, while also purchasing new upgrades for the island.

These upgrades can vary from cars and pools to mansions and helicopters. While constructing this villa and earning more money with generators/droppers, players can have fun around the island by partaking in random activities, such as swimming.

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Fortnite: 12 Best Tycoon Maps (And The Codes) (2024)
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