Bed Bath & Beyond closing: When will NJ stores close, going-out-of-business sales start? (2024)

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Home goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond has thrown in the towel, filing for bankruptcy protection on Sunday after a failed turnaround plan.

The Union-based company said it will start going out of business sales at all of its Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuy Baby stores.

In January, the company closed Harmons, its discount beauty, health and cosmetics chain. It has already shuttered several Bed Bath & Beyond stores, including locations in Aberdeen, Manalapan, Bridgewater, Watchung, Ramsey, Flemington and Mount Laurel.

Now the company just has 13 New Jersey stores left: Brick, Cherry Hill, Clifton, Deptford, East Hanover, Eatontown, Hamilton, Woodbridge, Lincoln Park, Middletown, Rio Grande, Springfield and Totowa.

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"Our stores remain open to continue serving our customers as we begin to wind down operations," a company spokesperson said in a statement to What's Going There. "We thank our loyal customers for bringing us into their lives and encourage them to visit us in-store and online to shop our closing sales."

So what does this mean for customers? Here is what you need to know.

Are stores closed?

No, they remain open.

When do Bed Bath and Beyond liquidation sales start?

Liquidation sales begin on Wednesday. The company has hired Hilco Merchant Resources LLC.

What about those 20% off coupons?

If you have a stack in your drawer, you had better use them by Wednesday. On Wednesday, they are no longer accepted when the close-out sales start and prices will drop.

I have a gift card.

Customers can use gift cards through May 8.

Can I shop online?

Yes, customers can continue to buy online or through the Bed Bath Beyond/buybuy Baby app.

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Bed Bath & Beyond closing: When will NJ stores close, going-out-of-business sales start? (2024)
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