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12 Easy Ways to Get a Shy Guy to Admit He Likes You - wikiHow (2024)


How to trick a guy into admitting he likes you? ›

Be fun and flirty around him so he knows you're approachable. Touch his shoulder, make eye contact, and gently tease him. Open up to him and encourage him to be himself around you so that he knows he can trust you. He may be nervous about confessing his feelings to you!

How to fluster a shy guy? ›

Don't just point out his physical appearance, point out an attribute about him that you like. Perhaps it's his loyalty or how smart he is at a certain subject. Say his name a lot when talking to him, and give him a lighthearted but complimentary nickname. This will probably get him to laugh and open up.

How do shy guys act when they like you? ›

1 He smiles when he sees you. 2 He goes silent around you. 3 He listens attentively to you. 4 He stutters or trips up around you.

Why won't he admit his feelings for me? ›

He is afraid of rejection

Men may feel vulnerable when loving someone if their heart has been broken before, and they might not easily admit their feelings. They could be afraid of facing rejection from another individual, which could be a positive sign that they care about the relationship.

How to get a shy guy to kiss you? ›

Initiate physical contact.

Bring the two of you together in a physical way. Hold his hand while you're enjoying time together, riding around in a car or walking to class. Lean on him while you hold his hand or while you're having a meal together. Hug him every chance you get to work your way up to kissing.

What to do if you have a crush on a shy guy? ›

Compliment him regularly so he feels secure.

By reassuring him with flattery, you can help put his mind at ease. Try letting him know how much you like him, what you think is amazing about him, and why you find him attractive. This'll mean the world!

How do you beat a shy guy? ›

Inside is a Shy Guy, an enemy that mirrors your movements. The defeat a Shy Guy, you must attack it from behind by using a spin attack, performed by holding your sword, charging it up, then releasing it. Move around the room until you are side-by-side, turn away so the Shy Guy exposes its back, then spin attack.

How do you tell if a shy guy is falling in love with you? ›

If he always smiles as soon as he sees you, consider it among the confirmed signs a shy guy likes you. You are important to him, and probably his world lights up with your face. It is time to run towards him when he greets you with a pleasant smile, sweet gestures, or even nods!

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