100+ Reasons Why I Love You - Ordinary and Happy (2024)

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Struggling to put your feelings into words? Use these beautiful reasons why I love you to help you tell to your partner why they are so special in your life, be it through talking or text.

Reasons Why I Love You

100+ Reasons Why I Love You - Ordinary and Happy (1)

There are so many reasons why you can love someone, from deep, intimate feelings to the little things they do for you every day. Yet sometimes, because love is so powerful and emotional, it can be hard to articulate how you feel, or relay that feeling, to someone close to you.

These reasons why I love you are a great place to start and can help you put into words how you’re feeling about someone close to you. With over 100 listed, there are plenty of amazing reasons you can use to tell someone that all-important message.

1. You support all my dreams even when the world thinks I’m crazy.

2. You make me coffee every morning.

3. You inspire me to be a better person every day so I can measure up to how amazing you are.

4. I’m simply 100% myself when I’m with you because you truly accept me for who I am.

5. We love the same stupid shows.

6. I’m just as happy watching Netflix on a Friday night in with you as I am going to a resort on a tropical island together.

7. You never judge me.

8. It’s always us against the entire world and we’re winning.

9. When I fall asleep in front of the TV, you cover me with a warm duvet.

10. You make me breakfast every morning.

11. You love everything I cook.

12. You look just as good in running gear as you do in a suit.

13. You love my family like your own.

14. We never get bored of each other.

15. We can talk for hours and it feels like only minutes.

16. A lifetime with you is not enough. Eternity with you would be a good start.

17. You are my best friend.

18. You radiate positive energy with the power of a thousand suns.

19. You always know the right words to say to cheer me up when I’m feeling down or sad.

20. When I feel anxious your hugs, kisses, and hair strokes bring me back to a place of calm and control.

21. You make me feel awesome even on those days I’m feeling self-doubt or not quite myself.

22. Whenever I look through my phone at photos of us, my head fills with sweet memories which make me feel warm and fuzzy.

23. Your gentle and calming voice soothes and sends me to sleep like a lullaby.

24. Whether I’m happy, sad, angry, or confused, you always know exactly the right words to say to put me in a good place.

25. You hold me close in a noisy crowd and I always feel protected.

26. We do so much together, I just can’t imagine life without you.

27. No matter what challenges life throws at me or how much anguish there is in the world on the news, my fears melt away when you’re with me.

28. You push me to go out of my comfort zone and try new things, which means we make so many priceless memories together from traveling, activities, and meeting new people.

29. You have the most beautiful smile that fills a room with positive energy.

30. You always hold my hand, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

31. I can spend hours just doing nothing with you because you make me feel totally at ease.

32. With you by my side, I feel I can walk tall and take on anything that comes our way.

33. We always eat dinner together and spend that time talking about our days and having meaningful conversations.

34. I always miss you, even when you’re only in the next room.

35. You help me turn negative things into positive things and opportunities.

36. We laugh at the same funny memes together.

37. We have exactly the same love language.

38. With you, I feel like I already live an incredible life even though there’s so much I want to see and do.

39. You never judge the way I look or dress and love me in the flesh.

40. You help me learn honest life lessons by guiding me through even the most difficult of challenges and situations.

41. You do little things, like kissing me on the top of the head when I’m working, that make me feel completely cherished.

42. You dance with me when my favorite songs are on.

43. I feel secure when I’m lying next to you in bed at night.

44. You constantly try to be a better partner and person and strive toward us having an equal and healthy relationship even when things are tough.

45. We share the same beliefs about what’s important in life.

46. You take me to the drive-thru for coffee when I’m having a bad day.

47. You buy thoughtful little gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones that make me feel so loved.

48. You help me talk about my feelings and open up when I’m struggling.

49. You are the only person that just gets me, even when I’m being silly or unreasonable.

50. You are a courageous person and go out of your way to help me, our families, and others.

51. I wish I could capture every moment spent with you on a Polaroid picture and fill a museum with them all.

52. You take care of things I find really difficult and bring me a lot of stress.

53. Not are you only my lover you are my very best friend, and I can share anything with you.

54. You always ask me if I’m okay and if there’s anything you can do for me.

55. You encourage us both to be an amazing team but also independent individuals that can pursue their passions and dreams side by side.

56. You take me on spontaneous road trips to new and exciting places.

57. Your voice sounds soothing as if I’m sitting next to a waterfall.

58. I just know deep down I’m the luckiest person in the world because I have you in my life.

59. You give me your honest opinion about everything and I really appreciate it.

60. You always emit positive energy no matter what room you’re in, which helps put me in the right frame of mind.

61. We have our own language of silly words and hand signals that only you and I understand.

62. Even though you are passionate about your career, you always make time for me and make me feel like an important person.

63. You ignite an amazing sense of self-worth within me.

64. I feel peaceful when we’re together, not afraid, frustrated, or fighting for attention.

65. Even when you wake up first thing in the morning, you are completely drop-dead gorgeous.

66. Your pursuit of your passions and lust for life fills both our lives with so much excitement and makes life super fun.

67. You are just the cutest person in your pajamas with bed hair.

68. No matter how difficult life gets you always try to be the happiest person, and that energy infects me and everyone else around you.

69. You make me feel like the most loved person on Earth.

70. Your actions and encouragement make me feel confident in myself.

71. Our love is so strong I want to shout it from the rooftops and tell the whole world.

72. I know you’re my life partner because you plan everything, from weekend trips to retirement, with me.

73. Even when I make the most awkward facial expressions you call me beautiful and squish my cheeks.

74. You play sports and go to the gym with me so we can both stay active together.

75. You aren’t selfish and are committed to making our relationship work forever.

76. Your sofa cuddles help me sleep.

77. You bring me socks and slippers to keep my feet warm when it’s cold outside.

78. When you kiss me, my body feels tingly.

79. You give me back and leg rubs after a long day at work.

80. I want to do everything on my bucket list with you.

81. All my memories since we met involve you in some way.

82. You hold my hand and put your arm around me when you sense there’s even the slightest threat when we’re outside together.

83. You stroke my hair when we’re on the sofa together and it always makes me feel peaceful and sleepy.

84. You drive me to the coast to watch the sunset.

85. You sing with me to songs on the radio when we’re in the car.

86. Spending time with you, whatever we’re doing, makes life joyful.

87. You know just what to do to make all my sadness go away, no matter what difficult situation I’m dealing with.

88. At night, I feel like the happiest person alive knowing you’re lying next to me.

89. I get more inspiration and more ideas when I’m around you or talk to you.

90. You feel like a big cuddly love bear when you wrap your arms around me.

91. You say ‘us’ not ‘me’ or ‘my’ when you discuss life, achievements, and the future.

92. I love to spend lots of time talking to you about our life, the future, or just anything.

93. You call me sweet nicknames that only you use.

94. I get butterflies when you hold me.

95. You take an interest in my hobbies and things I like and want to learn more about them.

96. You forgive me when I make mistakes.

97. You respect my boundaries and know when to give me space.

98. You open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable around me.

99. You have a beautiful body and I want to cuddle and squeeze all parts of it.

100. You are smart and help me learn about different things.

101. You treat me like I’m the only person you’ve ever been with in the bedroom.

Next time you want to tell the person closest to your heart how deeply you feel about them but can’t find the words, let us help you with these meaningful and creative reasons.

Hopefully, one or more of these reasons will either put exactly how you’re feeling into words or help you better articulate your feelings toward them.

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100+ Reasons Why I Love You - Ordinary and Happy (2)
100+ Reasons Why I Love You - Ordinary and Happy (2024)
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